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Tips screw machine parts used in
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First, the compressor pressure regulator Tuning
Unloading pressure with the above adjusting screw to adjust the bolt clockwise unload pressure increase, counterclockwise rotation unload pressure is reduced.

Differential pressure values ??at the bottom of the knob to adjust counter clockwise to reduce compressor pressure value and turn it clockwise to increase pressure value. The minimum recommended pressure value is 0.06MPa, the adjustment range is 0.06 ~ 0.25MPa.

Second, the air filter

Inhalation of dust in the air is blocked in the filter, in order to avoid premature wear of screw air compressor and oil separator is blocked, usually in operation after 1000 hours or one year, to replace the filter in dusty areas , the change interval should be shortened. Filter maintenance must be shut down, in order to reduce the parking time, it is recommended to put a new or alternate Queensland has cleaned filter.

Clean the filter step

a, against a flat surface take turns tapping both end faces of the filter element, the air compressor to remove most of the heavy and dry Fui Sha.

B, with less than 0.28MPa, dry air along the direction opposite to the intake air blow nozzle and the folded sheet apart at least 25 mm, and along the longitudinal direction, the next blow.

c, if there is oil on the filter, it should be dissolved in warm water with or without foam detergent in the wash, the filter was immersed at least 15 minutes and rinse with a hose in clean water in this warm water, not to allow it to accelerate the heating method drying, a filter can be washed five times, then discarded can not be reused.

d, put a light inside the filter to check if found thinning, Shanghai pinholes or damaged at the compressor should be abandoned.

Third, cooler

The tube cooler, the outer surface of the special leave must be kept clean, otherwise it will reduce the cooling effect and should therefore be based on the working conditions, regular cleaning.

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