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How to increase the utilization of the compressed air
Author: 恒達壓縮機 From: njhengda.cn Date: 2016-5-21 Hitcounts:
Regardless of the type and capacity of the air compressor, air compressor by selecting and supporting the optimization and control systems, the compressed air system can be more effective and more economical to run. In fact, air compressor control system already has the ability to monitor and regulate all kinds of air compressor and testing, loading, unloading, and other basic functions related to the throttle. Now, the system also has some additional features, such as trend analysis' maintenance schedule and a remote telemetry operation. This article focuses on the compressor control cable system of the latest technology and how to improve operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption. If the demand for compressed air is stable and not fluctuate, then the compressor controller to make the system very easy to match demand and capacity. A fundamental way that people called the compressor flow control said throttle, said population or unloading. Reduce air flow by reducing the opening degree of the air compressor to achieve the population, so it needs to make the air compressor output and consistent system.

Since the pressure of the system can express their needs, and therefore usually controlled by throttling Edition force. However, most air systems are more complex, changes in demand not just by the one deciding factor. While the demand cycle during the operation of complex changes, it could mean a number of different sizes of empty hand-holding and other means of pressure systems, also require more sophisticated control systems. The most common type of system is electro-pneumatic control systems.

Existing air system has a more than 70% of those using the electro-pneumatic control system compressor electrical and mechanical control devices, such as pressure switches, solenoid valves, needles, etc. by using the amount of man-days and the throttle valve or bypass valve to regulate loading and unloading. This type of control system mainly rely on mechanical pressure switch to monitor the music of the air compressor discharge is appropriate.

In addition, the electro-pneumatic control providers to offer at least one microcomputer system has some new machines has been completely phased out the old control system efficiency is not high enough. Some manufacturers even further for the air compressor auxiliary devices such as air dryers, can be used to convert the old compressor kit on microcomputer control system to provide these "upgrades" for the compressor, especially for reciprocating compressors , by Seoul # the gains and reduce maintenance cost, etc. are very impressive, but to achieve this leap is the reason - microcomputer system than the electro-pneumatic controller has more obvious advantages.

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