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Determination screw compressor host overhaul
Author: 恒達壓縮機 From: njhengda.cn Date: 2016-5-21 Hitcounts:
Screw compressor host needs a major overhaul of reasons:
Over screw compressor run time, the host is bound to happen each bearing wear, causing the screw to produce axial movement of the rotor and the radial displacement increases, will change between the screw rotor and the screw rotor screw rotor changes in the gap between the housing and the host between the front and rear end surfaces. The gap variation in the bearing lifetime is normal, allowed, but the resulting gas production screw compressor decay and the main motor overload is normal, permissible.

With the unit running time close to the overhaul of the host, the host bearing life is gradually getting into the maximum permitted time period. In this case the screw rotor axial and radial runout gradually getting into the design maximum allowable value, the variation between the screw rotor and the screw rotor, the rotor and the gap between the screw and the front and rear end faces of the housing between a host of major changes will occur . The host is running though still safe, but has come to be considered when scheduling overhaul of the host. Because once the unit is running over the time of the overhaul, bearing wear and with the gap to reach the host host technical conditions permissible limit, this time the host is in an unsafe operating state, it may at any time following serious consequences:

1, the host running the load increases, the main motor and electrical system harm.

Screw rotor between hosts, between the front and rear end face of the screw rotor, strong friction may arise between the screw rotor and the host of the housing, so that the host operating load will increase sharply, while the operation load of badly worn bearing is great. As a result, the motor will be overloaded with work in the state, it would seriously endanger the safe operation of the motor. In serious cases, and if the air compressor electrical protection devices Reaction group of insensitive or fails, may also cause the motor to burn.

2, the compressor displacement will be more substantial attenuation occurs.

Host with the gap increased efficiency will lead to a host severely reduced that displacement compressor produces more substantial attenuation, resulting in some effect on the normal gas production units. Especially smaller amount of wealth is to configure users who displacement compressor, air compressor displacement due to the attenuation in the gas system, gas consumption is relatively stable, pipe air pressure will be reduced a lot, it possible gas system equipment does not work properly or not work at all, so there affect the normal production unit or cause temporary shutdowns, cause losses to the enterprise.

3, the most serious consequence is the sudden emergence of a host of "locking."

Once this happens, if the electrical protection system response is not timely or protection failure may also give the main motor and electrical system caused serious damage.

For the host "locking" of the process, the maintenance costs on the one hand overhaul expensive than normal overhaul many, partly because the host component will be damaged, so the overall performance after the repair will host than the normal host overhaul to be worse . And if it is the severity of the injury has been host to a non-repairable or can not be repaired, it can only be scrapped replaced with new host, the direct loss is the greatest. Because the cost of the new purchase of the host is usually around to buy the whole third of the cost of air compressors, far higher than the host overhaul costs under normal circumstances, and integrated technical performance under normal circumstances overhaul qualified host and the new host but it is very similar!

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