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Air Compressor Selection Guide
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Working pressure (discharge pressure) Selection
When the user is ready to buy air compressor, the first to determine the end of the gas required to work under pressure, with the balance of 1-2 bar, and then select the compressor pressure (the remainder is from the viewpoint of the air compressor installation location to the actual loss of pressure gas pipes at a distance, according to the length of the distance between the margin pressure due consideration to 1-2 bar). Factor, of course, the number and size of the turning point of the pipe diameter also affect the pressure loss, the larger diameter pipe and fewer turning point, the smaller the pressure loss; on the contrary, the greater the pressure loss.

Thus, when the distance between the far end of the compressor with the gas pipeline should be appropriate to enlarge the diameter of the main line. If the environmental conditions are in line with the air compressor installation requirements and operating conditions permitting, can be mounted close to the end gas.

Selection of volume flow

When selecting air compressor volume flow, you should know all of the gas volume flow device, the total number of flow multiplied by 1.2 (ie 20% margin zoom);

New projects can be sized according to the value of the traffic institute provided;

Gas equipment supplier for the users were using the selection parameters gas volume flow device;

Compressor stations transformation can reference the original parameter values ??with the actual situation of gas selection;

Right selection, the user has the benefit itself and the compressor equipment, oversized waste, selection is too small may cause long-term air compressor in the loaded state or not enough gas pressure or hit up other defects.

Power and working pressure volume flow relationship between the three,

In the power remains unchanged, when the speed change occurs, the volume flow and pressure will change accordingly; for example: a compressor 22KW determined at the time of manufacturing work pressure 7bar, calculated according to the compressor mainframe technology curve speed, displacement of 3.8 m3 / min; when determining the working pressure 8bar, the speed must be reduced (or the drive motor will overload), this time, the displacement of 3.6 m3 / min; because the speed is reduced, the discharge gas had been reduced accordingly, and so on.

Power selection is at work to meet the pressure and volume flow conditions, the power supply capacity to meet the matched use of power to the drive motor.

Thus, step optional air compressor is: first determine the operating pressure, and then set the appropriate volume flow, and finally the power supply capacity.

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