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National Energy Board Notice of concrete reform measures opinions true energy storage requirements
Author: 恒達壓縮機 From: njhengda.cn Date: 2016-5-21 Hitcounts:
"State and on the promotion of electric energy storage participation" and "notification area peaking ancillary services work (draft)" Three North (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), which is the power to change the 9th National Energy Board Market Supervision Division drafted since the release paper, and most directly related to the storage of reform measures.

The notifications clear requirements:

1, the power peaking energy requirements 10MW / 4h more user-side participation peaking ancillary services;

2, the storage peaking power plant in accordance with the relevant contract settlement price settlement of the user-side storage facilities, according to the rules of the market to purchase electricity on their own; distributed energy storage system on the user side, in addition to providing power for themselves, the "notice" also allows its sell electricity to neighboring users to participate in the system and start-stop depth peaking peaking, so essentially provides users a way to explore the business application model with side storage systems for household energy storage is a big plus.

"Notification" is still only a discussion paper, the current regulations also more macro, calculated using the current system is also based on the settlement rules for thermal power, hydropower units developed, taking into account the future of energy storage for peak shaving participation ancillary services markets, It may introduce more favorable calculation.

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