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China will introduce guidance to deepen the integration of manufacturing and the Internet
Author: 恒達壓縮機 From: njhengda.cn Date: 2016-5-21 Hitcounts:
The State Council recently held a regular policy briefing, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin said, "on deepening the integration of the development of manufacturing and the Internet guidance" (referred to as "guidance") will soon be released. China will build a large Internet-based manufacturing enterprises "double hit" platform and third-party services for SMEs "double hit" service platform. Strive to 2018, key industries backbone enterprises Internet "double hit" internet penetration rate of 80 percent, the manufacturing sector for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the new kinetic energy sources; by 2025 and strive to achieve manufacturing and Internet converged "double hit" system is basically sound.
It is reported that the "guidance" of specific content further comprises: manufacturing enterprises to stimulate innovation and vitality, development potential and power transformation of the main line; cultivate three modes that support and encourage manufacturers and Internet companies to carry out various forms of cross-border cooperation, integration and development actively cultivate a network of collaborative manufacturing, customization, manufacturing, and other service-oriented network of production of new models, and enhance the vitality and innovation of manufacturing power transformation; enhancing basic technical support and manufacturing integration of the development of Internet solutions, security capabilities , reinforce the integration and development base, stimulate the development of new manufacturing kinetic energy.
"Guidance" focus on strengthening the guidance and security in the institutional mechanism, state-owned enterprise reform. First, encourage enterprises to set up the central innovation investment fund, investment fund industry to guide local and social capital to support large enterprise Internet "double hit" platform, Creative incubators, scientific and technological achievements and new industries. Second, the combination of the camp changed to increase the pilot reform, support manufacturing enterprises to carry out an independent Internet-based Internet business or launch a new joint venture cooperation. Third, give full play to the existing special funds and the setting up and leading role of the Fund, to increase manufacturing and Internet converged key links and key areas of investment, focusing on manufacturing enterprises "double hit" platform construction and operation of pilot demonstration and application. Fourth, in the space of land policies to support manufacturers use the stock of real estate, land resources to carry out "double hit" and other new Internet-based services, new formats.

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